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The Fitting Lab has come to Philly! Using a combination of Full Swing Ion3 Cameras, SAM PuttLab, and TrackMan technology, our fitters will identify the best components and build specifications to allow us to help you improve your game.

Philly – (267) 903-2202

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The Philly Fitting Lab experience is like no other. By utilizing the best technology in the industry, we can provide the most detailed analysis of your golf swing and ball flight. Check out the technology we use below.


  • SAM PuttLab
  • Full Swing Golf ION3 Technology 
  • TrackMan
  • Swing Weight Machine
  • Mitchell Loft Lie Machine
  • Frequency Machine

Cory Reilly – Club Fitting Specialist

Cory is a lifelong golfer. His approach to golf and teaching begins with building the equipment to fit each golfer and meet their specific needs. This individualized approach is the key to helping each golfer identify and meet their personal goals while also increasing their ability to perform at the highest level. He was recently named a Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter in addition to receiving multiple awards from top manufactures such as Ping, Mizuno, Callaway, and TaylorMade. Cory is a level 2 certified TrackMan professional who is passionate about growing the game and enjoys working with golfers of every skill level.

Jeff Robinson – Club Fitting Specialist

Jeff began his journey with a successful junior golf career, and then went on to attend Florida State University. While there, he became a member of the golf team, and turned professional shortly after graduation. Jeff taught at top golf academies across the US and continued to hone his craft by becoming a certified David Leadbetter instructor. Jeff incorporates his years of experience into every fitting to provide a clear and thorough understanding of every aspect of the process, no matter the level of player.

Hand-Crafted – The Build Shop

Many of our clubs are custom built at our Baltimore build shop and shipped to you without delay. These clubs are meticulously crafted to meet our highest standards.

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