Our Method

Our five-step process will create the best set of clubs for you, delivered in a timely manner with transparency.

1 Discuss your goals and budget with our experienced fitters.

We believe it’s critical to understand your golf history and goals, as well as get a feel for your budget. We’re happy to let you experiment with everything on the rack, but our focus is on testing clubs at a comfortable price point for you. We’re not going to get you excited about a club that’s 2x your budget, only to surprise and disappoint you with the price after the fitting.

2 Employ our unique Fitting Lab Method best-in-class technology.

Next, we’ll observe you swinging your clubs and discuss how your current setup works (or doesn’t) for you. Then, through analyzing your swing and stroke data produced by TrackMan radar technology and/or SAM PuttLab, our expert fitters will identify the best components and build specifications to create your best set of clubs.

3 Order custom clubs or modify your existing clubs.

The plan could range from making minor adjustments to your current set of clubs to ordering a brand new set of custom clubs. Here, we’ll also openly discuss additional options, together evaluating whether the advantages of these options make sense for you, in light of your goals and budget.

4 Wait for our quality-controlled, in-house builds to be shipped directly to you.

Wait for your quality-controlled, custom build to arrive. Each club is built to match the custom specifications of the one you tested during your fitting . All clubs are inspected on-site prior to pickup so you can trust your new equipment will perform just like the test club did during your fitting

5 Test in REAL conditions.

We believe our fitting process will lead to clubs that outperform anything you’ve ever owned. That being said, the only way to truly test your clubs is to use them. At The Fitting Lab, we understand that custom clubs are a serious investment. To ensure you are fitted with the right clubs for you, we provide our industry-leading Fitting Lab Guarantee. For more information click here.

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